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Tour East & Star Holidays Mart by JTB Group Representative in Indian Ocean (Asia Pacific)
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01. Singapore

02. Malaysia

03. Thailand

04. Indonesia (Bali)

05. Vietnam

06. Cambodia

07. Myanmar

08. Philippines

09. Taiwan

10. Hong Kong

11. Australia

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GJH India Member of :

We are the official Representative of JTB (Japan Travel Bureau) & Star Holiday Mart Singapore. JTB almost 103 years old company having offices across the world. GJH India offers you bespoke vacations to the world’s most exclusive hotels and exotic destinations. For us, travel is a never ending learning experience.

JTB (Japan Travel Bureau)
Star Holiday Mart Singapore
Star Cruises
The Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO)
ADTOI- Association of Domestic Tour Operators Of India
Tour East

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